Victoria Justice shows off her lovely brunette locks on the April 2011 cover of Seventeen magazine. The 18-year-old actress confessed to the mag about not always being that confident girl you see and her partying experiences. Check it:

On being less than confident once upon a time: “I wasn’t always confident; that’s something I’ve grown into and am still working on. I still have so many insecurities that I’m trying to grow out of. These days beauty is something that feels so enforced. All girls, including myself, have to learn to love themselves the way they are.”

On trying things at parties: “I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve tried things. I’m not some robot who’s programmed to be perfect. I’ve been to high school parties. And even if I’ve had a drink, it’s always in a responsible way. I did go through a phase when I wanted to try smoking, and for a minute I did. But shortly after, I just kind of realized it was gross, and I didn’t like anything about it.

“If I’m at a party, I’m going to dance, not huddle in some corner and smoke or sneak a drink. I feel that smoking, drinking, and doing drugs are kind of selfish because you end up isolating yourself from everyone else. And I’ve had to make certain choices and be a lot more responsible with my life. I’ve been given a huge opportunity, and I don’t want to let my fans and family down.”

Source: Seventeen Magazine

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