Emmanuelle Chriqui is featured in the March 2011 issue of Vegas Magazine.

In the issue Emmanuelle talks her success on the HBO hit show Entourage:

“My life definitely changed so much, and I know how lucky I am to not only be able to do my passion every day as a job, but to be able to sustain myself that way. My career has become divided into ‘before Entourage’ and ‘after Entourage.’”

She also talks about her late mother who died from colon cancer when she was 16:

“My mom had three remissions after they had given her just six months to live, and she ended up living for four more years. She was a very spiritual woman, not religious as much as spiritual. She did Reiki and visualization and introduced me to this whole New Age world that is such an integral part of my life now. She left me with the greatest gift of all: this will to live and the fight in her.”

She’ll be seen in the upcoming Showtime series The Borgias co-starring Jeremy Irons premiering April 3.

Source: Vegas Magazine

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