Emma Roberts is spotted on the red carpet, like, every single night but the budding starlet told Elle that she’s way more into reading smarty-pants books (Joan Didion and Chuck Palahniuk) than going to schmancy parties. What’s more? She’s starting college next semester (well, “unless something big comes along”).

Click to see what Emma has to say about filming Scream 4 and which Hollywood dude makes her weak in the knees.

On filming Scream 4: “There were times when we were filming in a weird house at 2 a.m. and I’d get really spooked out,” she says, “but what I’ve always loved about the Scream films is that they’ll have you terrified one moment and laughing the next.”

On Hollywood obsessions: “I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan; I would faint if I met him, let alone got to work with him.”

On future roles: “I can still play a high school student if I want, or I can play older. I don’t have to limit myself right now, so why should I?”

Source: Elle

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