Cat Deeley, 34-year-old frolics on a bed and plays up in Mickey Mouse ears and swimsuits for the photoshoot for men’s magazine Esquire.

‘Oh God, I don’t even think I can tell you about it,’ a coy Cat tells the magazine.

‘All I’ll say is that it was in the States, I wasn’t alone, we left in the middle of the night and the room was trashed.

‘I did a runner. I never dared check out or look at the bill to see how much extra they’d charged. That’s all I’m admitting.’

And while she revisited her wild night in the playful photoshoot, Cat also dished out advice to male – and female – readers, for spicing things up in the bedroom.

The So You Think You Can Dance host tells men: ‘My advice is don’t go for the predictable. The big thing with women is that all the good stuff happens in their brain, so a little imagination is required.’

And for her fellow women, she opines: ‘If you’re smart and you think outside the box, it’s a lot more of a turn-on than a set of bog-standard, uncomfortable lacy underwear.

Source: Esquire UK

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