Showing off her toned bod, Brooklyn Decker graced the November 2012 cover of Women’s Health South Africa magazine.

The 25-year-old actress looked stunning in a midriff-bearing tank top and Merlot colored bikini bottoms for the Jeff Lipsky shot front page while dishing about all her secret workout tricks.

A few highlights from Miss Decker’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Women’s Health South Africa!

On working out outdoors:
“Whenever I’m near a body of water, I love to rent a kayak. It’s easy to use, and you not only get a cardio workout but also do a vigorous upper-body workout, pushing and pulling your paddle through the water. And let’s face it: the view is always a lot better than the one you can get in a gym.”

On intentionally getting lost:
“I really love going places without a map. When I went running in Paris, I headed for a monument or a statue that I could see off in the distance.To get back to where I started, I simply used the GPS on my phone.”

On getting in a quick ab workout anywhere:
“Seriously I will drop to the floor and do a plank anywhere, anytime – in my kitchen, next to my bed, in a hotel room. Straight planks on my elbows or hands and then teh all-important side plans and side plank crunches.”

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