Ashley opened up to the mag about everything from Twilight to being a Hollywood good girl.

On why her relationship with Joe Jonas worked (note the past tense): A friendship developed first, and that’s the most important thing for me. If you are going to be with someone all the time, they need to be your best friend. You need to be able to talk about the difficult things. I don’t want us to talk about our ex-boyfriends or ex- girlfriends. The past is the past. As long as it’s not a mass-murderer past! You’re with the person who you’re with as they are now.

On going beyond Twilight: It is difficult because people look at you as that character. I want to play a role of a 24-year-old woman, not 17-year-old girls. And it’s perfectly fine not to do anything for a year if I don’t find the right thing.

On being a good girl in Hollywood: I keep to the ground rules. I’m not going to get drunk at a bar. There are younger girls who look up to me. So I do my best not to stray too far.”

Source: Glamour

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