Women cheat, but men cheat too. Today we’ll focus on babes… Some say girls even cheat more nowadays? But have you ever sat down and wondered why they really cheat? Well we have and here are the 5 top reasons. Read on guys!

  1. You can’t fuck or have a small dick! This one is cruel but explains a lot. Girls really do like a good fuck, more than guys!
  2. She’s a slut! She’s been cheating on you and you just found out. Hey she just likes to fuck all the time. Insatiable.
  3. You’re boring! Same ole shit every day. You come home and talk about what happened at work and you don’t do the same shit you use to do to get her.
  4. Excitement! Solely for the adrenaline rush! The taboo fact that she shouldn’t be cheating and might get caught gives her a great sexual satisfaction.
  5. She needs money You’re not giving her enough money for material things so she finds a dude to fuck solely for cash.

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