After she divorced her husband after 5 years of marriage, Liv Tyler reveals to BUST magazine that she had a difficult time adjusting to the single life and the life of a single mother.
“It’s been interesting, the way things have unfolded. I’m accepting what happens in life, and how it affects you, and how things don’t always go as you expected them to,” she told the magazine. The 33 year-old Lord of the Rings actress separated from her husband, British rocker Royston Langdon in 2008 and afterward had “a rough couple of years.”

“I took a little time off before Super and The Ledge,” she said. “I just had a rough couple of years, having Milo and then getting divorced and trying to rebuild my life again.”

After her divorce, Tyler admits that her son’s needs had to come before going back to work. “Milo and I have been in such transition – I’ve been rebuilding and trying to be patient. And I’ve just put all of my focus on that. Because I can’t go to work and be happy unless he’s happy and feels secure,” she said.

Tyler’s new film Super , which hits theaters on April 1st, is the first film she’ll appear in since getting her life back on track.

Not many celebrities are able to admit that they needed time to recover after the end of an important relationship, so we’re glad Liv manned up and revealed her human side.

Source: Bust Magazine

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