Aly Michalka was one of our fave things about Easy A (aside from Emma Stone and Penn Badgley, of course), so it’s no surprise that Hellcats is equally awesome and totally addictive. Aly’s personality is a crack-up on- and off-screen, and it’s pretty unfair that she’s as hot as she is hilarious.
She dishes about life lessons and falling in love (well, sorta…).

On Hellcats: “I remember totally judging the script when I first got it…It was called Cheer then, and I was like, ‘Hmm, I dunno- am I going to be playing the preppy blond chick? Then I read it and fell in love.”

On auditioning: “Marti and I are kind of going through some of the same things…We’re both learning new things and experiencing these life lessons. [Taking the role] wasn’t like a strategic decision to do something that was older than what I had been doing. It was just more of a natural progression.”

Source: Nylon

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